Client: Josh Cruz

Before Josh Cruz used his real name on stage, he was called Apallo. He came to me wanting to create a persona for his stage presence—one that spoke to his classy, bright pop sound—but one that also contrasted enough from it to create some tension. Working very collaboratively, we decided on utilizing Greek mythology themes to back up the name "Apallo" (in Greek: Apollo). Apollo is the god of light, and as such Apallo would bring light to the world through his music. 

For his first EP, I proposed turning Josh into an ancient Greek statue; a symbol of stature and high importance back in the ancient days. From there, the client wanted to add golden laurels with a contrasting texture to add a hint of flashy, urban flair. To compliment the theme of bringing light to music, I chose to use paint stroke textures for the gold elements; helping to lift Josh's music to a higher dimension and create a total feeling of art.
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