Client:  Westgate Elementary School

Westgate Elementary School asked me to create a classroom poster that reminds students How to be a Smart Partner. "Smart Partners" is a pneumonic device used during Common Core Talk and Turn exercises to ensure students are engaged while learning in pairs or teams. Common Core teaching standards say that SMART is actually an acronym that stands for: Sit facing each other, Make eye contact, Ask and answer questions, Respond appropriately and respectfully, and Talk about the topic. The teachers at Westgate wanted their poster to be visually personalized and tailored to their students' needs, so they customized the Smart Partner wording to be more concise and overarching. 
The resulting poster is 22"x30"--large enough to be read from the back of the classroom--and presents the Smart Partner best practices in a checklist rather than an acronym. The bold typography and bright illustrations capture the student's attention and get each point across quickly and effectively.

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