Client: Women's Conference of Florida
Firm: Conversa
Direction: Carmela Zabala

As Digital Designer at Tampa-based PR firm Conversa, I have had the pleasure of working alongside several strong women who are the masterminds behind The Women's Conference of Florida. I've worked very closely with the Creative Director to evolve the 2016 conference branding into what it is today. 

Though my primary task has been to design, create, and maintain the Women's Conference website, I've also helped design print collateral, email campaigns, credentials, and swag. To get the press excited for the event, I proposed sending custom Women's Conference confetti blasters alongside media kits to prominent local media outlets. This idea has propelled the Women's Conference branding forward, as it introduced the incorporation of confetti shapes derived from the logo into the designs, even leading into the upcoming 2017 event.

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